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Apahsia / Logopedics Training - Minon-Inc

Aphasia / Logopedics trainer

Aimed at stroke victims - open for all

If you have any need for the below mentioned trainng games - you're welcome!
As logopedics are not only limited to language but rather include almost all what we do with language - these training games are pretty widespread. As are the problems with stroke victims.
To cope with the individuality of these cases each game features a multitude of difficulty adjustments. You could even use them to train your child.

All games optimised for Tablets and Phones!
If you would like to support this project please visit us at

Find Wordo

Word finding game with adjustable levels for word complexity and pre-set letters percentage. Optional images presented with the word to ease recognition for the trainee.

Clockwork Strange

Times can be quite confusing. And hence 17:00 and 5pm are the same but not there will be misunderstandings. Make that a thing of the past with Clockwork Strange.
A fully adjustable clock with any feedback you could wish for: legend in 12 and 24 hour formats, turnable hands, quiz option and much more.


A memory game like all of us know from our childhood. Regulate the difficulty by adjusting the amount of cards.

Fill in the blank

Fill in the blanks in the suggested words. Words may be chosen by custom syllables or letter combinations. Other options allow selection if topics for words and difficulty level of the game.