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Software Applications

Code making life easier

NoPress™ Content Management

Custom coded CMS exceeding most industry standards. This object-oriented and module based software allows plugin integration and limitless expanditure.
Written in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS the CMS is highly customisable. Not only the looks may be changed, you are completely free in choosing which content NoPress should manage for you.
This includes functionality like:

  • automated data entry from whichever source you need to work with
  • auto-postings to social networks from content you created
  • statistical analysis beyond what google can tell you including but not limited to the specific point at a page where a user left it
  • complete freedom with products. If you sell pharmaceuticals or dog coats - the cart system is able to deal with the most complex products and price rules. In fact; you can create your own custom rules for specific products or product groups like 'buy 3 get 1' or '10% on more than 2 articles' already with the vanilla version of NoPress.
  • Inbuilt handling of multiple content types. For the times when you need to run a store, host a blog and create a little Wiki on the side all at once.
  • Customisable user management system. Allow your users to store data with you. Regardless if name and age or credit card information, the user management is completely free to design for your needs. Cross-functionality with the shop system like user discounts are possible too.
  • Multi-language content possible.
  • High safety through non-standard user-authorisation. Two factor authentification can be added.
  • Sofisticated Backend solution with state of the art text-editor and upload solutions.
  • Automated integration of watermarks into images depending on server capability.
  • SEO optimised with comprehensive database fed meta information, title tags. Custom header code such as Facebook Opengraph data and Google Tags can be defined for each page. Obviously standard values like 'canonical' or 301 redirects as well.
  • and many others...

NoPress is the outcome of the contact with Wordpress and all its flaws. We specifically did set the priorities on usablitiy, safety and minimised markup to support mobile connection just that tiny tad more.
For enquiries please contact us.

Aphasia / Logopedics Trainer

Created due to demand among friends and family we happily present to you
A free logopedics trainer! Well almost free as you will need a computer or tablet and an internet connection to use it. But you get the idea.
We have been frustrated by the available free options and not happy with the paid options either. So after gathering the material offline we thought it a good idea to get it a little more mobile. No more forgotten and lost papers! This is a voluntary project so it will grow over time. Please report us your feedback so we can improve the software as needed.
To the logopedics trainer

Bead Designer Schlauchketten-designer

I am developing a design interface for bead necklace design. You may find an alpha version to play with here.
Contact me for questions and suggestions.